Build a Happy Pattern of Humans’ Future Life; Turn the World into Peace and Goodness!

「Clean Life Foundation is an organization that “links with culture, bases on education, and focuses on service.” By holding a variety kinds of cultural creativity events, Clean Life Foundation promotes the education towards life, living, environment, morality, heath, character, and culture.

Clean Life Foundation spreads the words that “everyone has the right to enjoy a beautiful and happy life”, helping the world, the nations, the societies, and families build an environment that people live peacefully with Nature, making possible the vision of world peace.

Enjoy the good energy of Nature.
Join Clean Life Foundation, and get a beautiful and happy life!

Volunteers of healing and education spread the touch of life globally. Clean Life Foundation’s volunteers share with people who want to make change and improve themselves the “touch of life revolution.” By spreading this touch, people all around us will feel the same power of change. Clean Life Foundation is where we can learn for life and spiritually clean the life of people globally.

For children and seniors, Clean Life Foundation has a program called “the original of life,” packed with a series of lifetime helping services to improve their body and spiritual energy. Clean Life Foundation is making a living trend of body and spiritual cleaning. The foundation provides pending courses which will be given to people who is not familiar to spiritual field and is unable to afford the cost of spiritual courses. This program helps them enjoy comfortable, happy, and energetic lives.