Gangda creatures


To feel the peace and the joy when the fragrance and love drop into your life

Gandha Creation creates every service and product with the power of love. By being in the peaceful life status and the energy of love, every single one’s soul and heart will be able to continuously enjoy the peace and joy within.


The meaning of life sparkles in the radiance of dreams; the value of life appears in creation.


We built a heaven, the Yana Village, in Nantou, Taiwan. Yana Village contains the elements of nature farming and eating vegetarian food. We are all able to practice and to experience the zen of living simple there.

SatDharma Academy originates 108 ways to purify emotions, bringing you wisdom, which will teach you how to live more energetic, more real, and closer to your own philosophy of living in happiness.

Leading you into a magical academy to overcome your ego, SatDharma teaches you how to be clear-minded and be charming in your job, relationship, love, and life!

This oriental ancient wisdom, the magical way of life improvement, will completely rotate your life!
We sincerely invite you to join SatDharma Academy’s Beyond Ego courses to experience being on the top of your life!


Feel the Richness by Tasting “Local” Plants

Gandha Creation gets inspiration from the experience of doctors in ancient Chinese palace, with the expansion of modern Chinese medicine, making a series of natural products based on the Chinese medicine materials. By the combination of natural elements and “artificial products”, Gandha Creation brings you the original status of everything.

Through smelling, Gandha Creation’ incense products balance the elements of “Earth”, “Water”, “Fire”, “Wind”, and “Empty” within human bodies and the space, awaking bodies and hearts that might have got tired. Gandha Creation also focuses on making people’s lives more beautiful by linking arts and cultures together, enhancing people’s five senses, and keeping people’s everyday spiritually comfortable and graceful.

Understand the Mystic Creation within Chinese Culture

By combining Taiwan’s local culture, Chinese culture, and rich creativity, Gandha Creation’ products will enrich your life. Every object will now share the same spirit with cultures and professional artificers. By choosing the right products, we can treat the environment better, and make our lives more colorful and beautiful.






  1. 生活能量提升的時代趨勢,每一樣商品皆確保其能量指數。
  2. 拉近產品與人的心靈距離,實現物我合一的理想生活。
  3. 從挑選、取材到手感製作,物質不改變結構情況下製成商品,提昇土地的能量元素,對環境的友好永續。
  4. 結合東方智慧與台灣在地天然原料製成的限量商品,來自台灣珍品的“心感動”。
  5. 開發五感、耽溺美學,品味理想生活氛圍



  1. 文化與心靈美學相互融合
  2. 還原人事物之自然生命力
  3. 產品遵循自然界循環原則



  • 中華歷史,是每一場文化與時間交融的曠世大作
  • 物件傳說,是每一位聚集美麗與智慧女神的化身
  • 工藝創作,是每一部手藝與靈魂聯合的經典傳奇