Infinitas International Co. Ltd.

 Mind and Vision


Clean Lifestyle, Regenerate Happy Life Equation

21st century, Infinitas Co., Ltd. has taken practical actions to create a new awakening era. We promote the Clean Revolution of Spirituality and launch a global action program: “Clean Life”, which meets people’s desire to transform the life of heart and to arouse everyone live out their own “Happy Life Equation”.

The Path Leading To The Hearts, and Shaping a Good Life.

We never changed the initial ideal to find people a path leading to the hearts by practical actions in the past years. It will lead you to an open mind, to expand your horizons, and in addition to have an ability to deal with your family, work and life with some brand new ideas you’ve never had compared to the past.

Follow the light to go forward, and enjoy a better energy life

Infinitas Co. Ltd. has devoted to achieve a better life environment for people who come close to us through the integration of the implementation by three brands and one platform. We expand our hearts, extend our life limits, and move forward leading by our inner brightness in this ever-changing era. We are here to invite you to listen to our stories, and enjoy a better energy life together, furthermore to learn how to clean our inner heart, families’ hearts and then expand to the mother Earth’s heart.

 Our service


In the moment when our hearts are full of confusion, uncertainty and anxiousness, a lamp of light which can guide us in darkness is needed. The vocation of Infinitas Co., Ltd. is willing to become a haven of wounded souls, a searchlight of lost minds and therefore the wound is alleviated, the wavering gets pilot, as well as to fill the emptiness in society, and to light up the corner of darkness. Infinitas Co., LTD. is established to fulfill the social responsibility, and our vocation is to become a spiritual insurance company in order to reduce social risks. We started from a workshop to an enterprise in order to provide more resources for people who are eager to a self-transformation and a life-exploration by our inner brightness, furthermore to successfully achieve assembling of the enhancement of inner power in our society.


 The introduction of CLEAN LIFE 6C



Education : To make "learning" reverts to its initialization of inspiring the potential of characteristics.

Heart : To make the “love” and “touched” feeling fill in every thoughts of everyone.

Medicine : To regain the right of physical and mental health for everyone.

Power : To balance our life needs and the sustainability of earth by extension of new technologies.

Society : To have love and touched messages fully filled in all the findings.

Economy : To make the “salary” become spiritual currency that is dedicated to lives.

 The introduction of founder


 Song of Spiritual reverie

The founder – SatDharma has had a wish ever since he was a little boy - to create a paradise of love on earth.

SatDharma had engaged in architecture, trading, business and etc. to cumulative knowledge and skills in his careers, and reads widely in the fields of many kinds. He also had stayed in Himalaya and India for many years and for the religious practice to experience life unlimitedly and with a variety of experiences to life challenges beyond his own. In response to the needs of spirituality in modern, he focus on spiritual scientific research more than 20 years, besides he grew up in Buddhist family and had chances to get to know more about various doctrines, such as Mahayana, Theravada, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, Christianity, new Age, and even all kinds of occultism. He put into deep efforts to experience and research. He is becoming one of the masters of life practitioners and approaching his dream day by day.

He often travels around the world to perceive the wisdom of ancient civilizations and enters many well-known programs to study as well. He re-received the depth of Eastern wisdom profoundly after he travelled over countries, just like what was told in Tao-In harmony with heaven, earth and mankind. Therefore, SD has developed a simple method which combined the essences of spiritual programs and based on Eastern wisdom to restore the inner strength of every participants. SD has helped thousands of people in the past 14 years.