The meaning of life sparkles in the radiance of dreams; the value of life appears in creation.


Sat. refers to “the highest”, which means the origin of every life is great and irreplaceable.
Dharma, “path” in Tibetan, refers to a way or a method.

Combined with the two words, SatDharma means people complete themselves by finding their unique characteristics through inner paths.

We built a heaven, the Yana Village, in Nantou, Taiwan. Yana Village contains the elements of nature farming and eating vegetarian food. We are all able to practice and to experience the zen of living simple there.


SatDharma Academy originates 108 ways to purify emotions, bringing you wisdom, which will teach you how to live more energetic, more real, and closer to your own philosophy of living in happiness.

Leading you into a magical academy to overcome your ego, SatDharma teaches you how to be clear-minded and be charming in your job, relationship, love, and life!

This oriental ancient wisdom, the magical way of life improvement, will completely rotate your life!
We sincerely invite you to join SatDharma Academy’s Beyond Ego courses  to experience  being on the top of your life!