Carers of Life - the Beginning of Yana’s Clean Therapy

Yana Holistic Medical Center is founded by Shaoming Yang and his team, who excels at energy therapy. Yana leads the world’s holistic medicine pioneers through putting love on patients. Therapists unlock energy nodes with energy healing, and help patients regain their body and spiritual health!


Completely Improve and Repair Bodies and Spirit; Waking Up Bodies’ Self-curing Mechanism!

Get a closer look at your body and spiritual condition through the use of energy detectors. Energy detection will help you keeping your best status.
Instead of using medicine, Yana helps patients to regain their “body’s self-curing mechanism” by curing with energy. To speed up the regaining of health, there is only one way which is to improve body, emotional, mind, and spiritual parts of a human at the same time.

Therapists and managers act as your teachers as well as your best friends, gracefully accompanying you and guiding you to overcome your problems.
Enjoy the body and spiritual healing SPA connected with cosmic power of love and high-level energy, releasing your tiredness and toxicity within your body, and regain the vitality of your body and spirit.

Yana Holistic Medical Center comes with therapy space that resembles high-class coffee shops. There will be no stress when you come to Yana and book your consultation! Until now, Yana already helps one thousand family with regaining their members’ body and spiritual health, bringing happy and content life to them.

Yana Holistic Medical Center introduces a revolutionary medicine that helps people to regain their self-curing mechanism, leading a trend amongst the therapy of body and spirit.


Service Items:

  • Clean energy body
  • String vibration intervention
  • Himalayan light and temperature treatment and education
  • Floating decompression
  • Clean emotional energy
  • Clean Mind
  • Cleanup awareness
  • Cellular memory release
  • Energy light dance
  • Color intervention
  • Respiratory intervention groups


  • Minimally invasive implant
  • Water Laser
  • Orthodontists
  • All-ceramic crowns Dental Aesthetics
  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Dental mercury removal